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We recognize the importance of physical activity for the health and lifestyle of our residents. This is why at Rosedale Adult Foster Home, we let them benefit from outdoor physical activities once a week (such as walking at parks or visiting places of interest in the El Paso area including but not limited to beauty salons, movie theaters, spas, the YMCA center, malls, or locations of worship).

Beautiful senior couple having breakfast
Smiling female nurse looking at senior man while reading book in nursing home
senior man doing exercise with caregiver

Every 2 months, a dermatologist will give them a visit to ensure that every resident’s skin health is also at an optimum state. Their overall well-being is our utmost priority. We provide them with the toiletries that they need, and access to the outdoor patio as well.

For the convenience and safety of the elderly, we provide assistance with the following:

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